General Questions about Kasa Smart Home Products

What device OS is Kasa available on?

The Kasa app is only available on iOS (11.0 and up) and Android (5.0 and up)


  • Currently, there is no plan to support the OS such as Windows phones, Kindle, and Kindle Fire, and the app is only available on mobile devices but not on computers.
  • Minimum OS requirements may be updated in the future to accommodate new app versions. Check your device’s app store to see current requirements

How many Smart Home products can be added and controlled in the Kasa app?

There is no limitation.

Can I use Alexa or Google Assistant to set the timer function in the Kasa app?

Yes for products that have the timer function, Google and Alexa can set that feature.

Do Kasa products support IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings?

Kasa products can be action devices for IFTTTT and Kasa is fully compatible with Samsung SmartThings.

Can Kasa products be controlled by multiple phones or Tablets?

Yes. However, each device will need to be logged into the same Kasa (TP-Link ID) account.

Can Kasa products monitor energy consumption?

All Kasa Lighting products, such as bulbs and strips support energy consumption monitoring

Select Kasa plugs have support for energy monitoring. Check KasaSmart.com to see which plugs have this support.

Do Kasa products retain their status and settings in the event power is lost?

Yes, Kasa products will maintain their settings in the event power is lost. Some products will restore to the last status (on/off) when power is restored.

Can Kasa products be used outdoors?

Only products that are rated for outdoor use, like the KP400 or KC420WS, should be used outdoors. All other products are rated for indoor use only.

*Note: Using an indoor product outside may void the product’s warranty.

What voltages do Kasa products support?

Voltage compatibility varies by product and region. Products are only guaranteed to work properly in the region of sale and intended use. As TP-Link does not offer an international warranty we do not recommend using products outside of the region they were sold in.

Do Kasa products need to be in the same room with Amazon Echo/Google Assistant?

No. Kasa bounds to voice assistants by a cloud-to-cloud integration. As long as the two accounts are paired and the devices online they can be controlled by the voice assistants anywhere.

Will the Timer and Schedule features work if internet is down?

Yes, these functions are loaded locally on the device. Even if the internet is lost they will still function.

Note: If the device is turned on/off manually or by APP, then Timer will be shut down while the Schedule is still working.

What kind of appliances can be powered on by a Kasa Smart plug?

Any appliance that is within the plug’s tolerances. We recommend checking a products datasheet or specifications page to see what its individual tolerances are.

*Note: Remember that when a device is powered on there is often a spike. We do not recommend using any appliance that is at the maximum tolerance levels as this spike can potentially damage the product or be a safety hazard. For example Space Heaters often spike above their operating specs when powered on. These devices would not be recommended.

Do Kasa products ZigBee, Z-Wave, IPv6, or Ethernet connections?

No current Kasa products only support 2.4GHz wireless connections.

Do Kasa products support Campus, Hotel, Airport or Shopping Mall or my phone’s Wi-Fi Hotspots?

It depends on the type of encryption used. Kasa Products support WEP, WPA/WPA2 encryption. If the encryption used is one of these then you should have no problem connecting your Kasa product to the connections 2.4GHz network.

Do Kasa product support offsetting a schedule for sunrise and sunset?

Support may vary by product and firmware. Make sure your device is fully up to date to see if this feature is available.

Which Kasa smart device supports the fade on/off speed feature?

All Kasa products that support dimming are compatible with Fade on/off.

Note: May require a Firmware update.