How to View the Recordings on a Kasa Camera

You will need to log in to your Kasa account in the Kasa app to view your camera’s recorded clips.

Note: If you subscribe to and have added Kasa Care to the camera, the clips uploaded to the cloud server are maintained and stored based on your Kasa Care subscription plan.

Method 1: Viewing Cloud Recordings

  • Launch the Kasa App and click on Activity, and then you can see the clips uploaded to the cloud server.
  • Select the date and tap the Play icon on the clip you want to watch

You will be directed to the Live View page of the camera if you tap the Watch Live button.

If you tap the “More” button on the clip, you can select to either Download, Share, or Remove the Activity Recording

Method 2: Viewing Locally Stored Clips

  • Launch the Kasa App
  • Click on the Camera Option at the Bottom of the Screen, and Select The Camera with the Footage you would Like to View.
  • Tap “Manage” on the camera’s live view
  • Tap 24/7 Recording to watch the videos saved on the microSD card.


  1. Only the cameras that have microSD card slot support the 24/7 Recording feature.
  2. The MicroSD card must be inserted and formatted
  3. 24/7 recording must be enabled.
  4. The camera will overwrite the oldest files when the microSD card memory is full.