How to Use Siri to Control Your Tapo or Kasa Smart Devices

With the Shortcuts App in iOS 12 or above, you can use Siri to control your Tapo/Kasa smart devices — all with just a tap or by asking Siri. It’s easy to create a new, custom shortcut using the Shortcuts app for iPhone or iPad. This article takes Tapo as an example to introduce how to implement this feature.

Before You Start:

  • Ensure your Tapo device is set up successfully and can connect to the internet.
  • Ensure the name of your Tapo device is easy to be recognized. Each Tapo device should have a unique name.

Step1: Open the Shortcuts App on your iPhone or iPad, and add one new shortcut.

Step2: Rename the shortcut you want.

e.g. Light on.

Step3: Click “Add Action” button and enter “Tapo” in the search bar.

Step4: Select an action you want.

e.g. Turn on/off a device.

Step5: Select a device you want.

e.g. P125M.

Step6: Click “Done” button and finish.

Note: You can test it by clicking the triangular play button in the bottom right corner.

Now you can enjoy using Siri to control the Tapo device.