What Should I Do if My Tapo Sensors or Buttons Won’t Connect to My Tapo Hub?

If you are having trouble connecting your Tapo sensors or buttons to your Tapo Hub, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Make sure you have removed the battery insulation tab on your Tapo device.

2. Move your Tapo device closer to the Hub.

3. Reset your Tapo device referring to the below guidance until LED will blink rapidly to indicate that the device is resetting:

T100 T110 S200B/S200D S210/S220

4. Make sure the LED on the Hub is blinking blue while pairing. If the LED is solid blue, press the SYNC button on the Hub once to manually enter Pairing Mode.

5. Remove and re-install the battery to reboot the device, then attempt setup once more. If the LED on your Tapo device is dark or very dim, the battery may be low. Replace the battery and try again. Please refer to the FAQ(s) below for instructions on how to replace the battery for your Tapo device.

T100 T110 S200B/S200D S210/S220

If the issue persists, check whether the Nation Codes of your sensors, buttons and Hub are the same. Generally, Nation Codes are printed on the label of the device.

Note: Sensors and buttons with EU Nation Codes can work with Hubs with UK or EU Nation Codes, and sensors and buttons with US Nation Codes can work with Hubs with US or AU Nation Codes.

If you are still having trouble connecting your Tapo sensors or buttons to Tapo Hub, please contact TP-Link support for assistance.