What should I do if my smart plug feels warm?

Just like any other electrical appliance, the smart plug radiates heat during operation. It would feel warm or maybe a little hot after working for a while depending on the environment. The cool and well-ventilated environment is ideal for the plug, and please try the following suggestions if it feels warm:

1. Put your smart plug in the open area, not cover it with any objects, and avoid placing it in a closed space, not let it suffocate;

2. Keep your smart plug away from direct heat or excessive sunlight;

3. It is not allowed to plug any electrical appliance whose power exceeds the Kasa plug's maximum load and power, otherwise it would cause some safety issue or even a conflagration. Please also note some devices have very high peak current when it powers on and that high peak current would also damage the smart plug;

4. If the Kasa plug is too hot to touch or smells burnt, please stop using it immediately, and please contact our support team to collect the following information for further assistance. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

a. What’s the model name and version number of your smart plug?

b. What’s the type of outlet the device was used in? Was it a GFIC, AFIC, or Standard? Was this outlet grounded?

c. What was the product or device used with this smart plug? What’s model of that device?

d. What’s the Location the product was used in? Bedroom, Living room, Kitchen, etc.

e. How long did it work before this incident?

f. Was there any unusual behavior with the device before this incident?

g. Please if possible provide pictures of the outlet, the TP-Link device, and the device that was connected to it.