Matter QAs for Tapo Hubs

Q1: What is a Matter Hub/Controller and why is it needed?

A: A Matter Hub/Controller, like Apple TV, Alexa Echo 3rd Gen, or Google Nest Hub, is required to set up a Matter-enabled device with the corresponding smart home app.

Q2: How can I ensure a successful setup?

A: Make sure that your Tapo Hub and your phone are connected to the same network. This allows for seamless communication during the setup process.

Q3: Are there any compatibility limitations with the Matter platform?

A: Yes, please take note of the following:

a. Tapo Hub cannot be added via Matter with Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings currently. Stay tuned for later support.

b. Matter is not compatible with buttons and water leak sensors, including Tapo S200B, Tapo S200D, and Tapo T300 currently. Stay tuned for later support.