What can I do if the Over Temperature Protection on my smart plug is triggered?

What’s OTP?

OTP is a new feature designed to protect the smart plug from malfunction or damage due to excessive internal component temperature. We added NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor in the design. When it detects abnormal temperature inside the plug, it can automatically cut off the power supply. Users will be unable to turn the smart plug back on until the temperature inside the plug has recovered to normal levels.

How to turn the smart plug back on again?

Generally, it’s recommended to unplug the appliances and the smart plug itself, wait for 10 minutes till the unit cools down, and then plug it back in. After the plug completes its power up cycle, it will be ready to use once more.

Why is the OTP always triggered? And what can I do?

1. Please ensure that your electric appliance doesn’t exceed the maximum working current of the smart plug.

2. The unit may not be seated properly or is partially loose. Please double check and ensure the smart plug is properly seated in the outlet.

3. The pins on the smart plug are rusty, or there are impurities adhere to the contact surface. Please use a dry and clean paper towel to wipe down the pins and contact surface.

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