How to divide and merge the room in a robot vacuum map

The robot vacuum will create a map for you before the 1st cleaning. If the smart map doesn’t match your house type, you can customize it yourselves using the Merge Room and Divide Room features.

Merge Room

Combine two rooms into one room. For example, if your bedroom is divided into 2 separate rooms on the smart map, you can merge them into one room.

Divide Room

Divide a room into two rooms. For example, if the dining room and living room are displayed as one room on the smart map, you can divide them into 2 separate rooms.

Merge & Divide Room

“Customize” a room to solve cleaning issues like the carpet at the door. For example, you don’t want the robot vacuum to clean the carpet at the door, so you set a block zone for the carpet. But after setting a restricted area, the robot vacuum cannot enter the room for cleaning. At this time, you can use the Divide and Merge feature to plan the area where the carpet is located in a room, and then cancel the cleaning of this room.

How to use the Merge Room and Divide Room features

1. Tap the menu icon on the top right corner. Tap “Maps”.

2. Select the map you want to edit.

3. There are 3 features available: Divide Room, Merge Room, and Edit.

Divide Room

a. Tap “Divide” and choose a room you want to divide on the map.

b. There will be a line to help you divide the room. You can drag two ends of the line to adjust.

c. Tap the confirm button to divide the room into 2 rooms.

Merge Room

a. Tap “Merge” and choose the rooms next to each other.

b. Tap the confirm button to merge rooms.