Tapo App Hits the 13 Million Users Milestone

Oct 7th - Tapo, a global brand and leading provider of reliable smart home devices, is thrilled to announce a major achievement: the Tapo app has surpassed 13 million users worldwide. This significant landmark speaks to the success of our innovative technology and user-friendly products in creating connected and intelligent living spaces, demonstrating widespread endorsement and trust from our users.

With a heritage of high quality, reliability, and performance, Tapo embarked on a journey to deliver customers smart, secure, and easy living. In just five years, this smart home brand has made impressive strides, with its app having more than 13 million users worldwide.

Tapo's success rests on diverse products and ecological integrity. This app has innovated the smart home realm alongside the brand’s robot vacuums, security cameras, door locks, bulbs, and plugs. The 13 million users milestone underscores its efficacy in addressing the rising smart home demand.

With its intuitive interface and advanced features, the Tapo app simplifies smart home management. Users can easily schedule tasks, set location triggers, and implement smart actions, enhancing daily life. Unique features like energy monitoring allow users to track power use and estimate bills. Exclusive lighting effects and animations offer a personalized, futuristic home experience. This quarter, Tapo has released a brand new app version, Tapo App 3.0, to provide all users with an exceptional smart life experience.

Tapo is proud to serve over 13 million users. This significant user base is a testament to the trust and confidence millions of users worldwide have placed in our brand. Looking forward, Tapo will remain committed to innovating and pushing the boundaries of smart home technology to provide even more exciting solutions for our users.

The Tapo app is gearing up to unveil a fresh and streamlined user interface, enhancing simplicity and usability. The new tablet version will come with an innovative 3D Dashboard that mirrors users' home layouts, revolutionizing how users interact with their smart home devices. Notably, the app’s compatibility will greatly expand, allowing users to effortlessly control various smart home devices from different brands, including Kasa devices.

About Tapo

Tapo, a Smart Home brand with over 13 million users worldwide, offers reliable smart home devices and accessories. Constantly creating innovative products with attractive features, Tapo zeroes in on consumer needs and strives to make their lives Smart, Secure, and Easy.

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