Tapo works with HomeKit: Manage Devices Much Easier

You might have used the Home app on your iPhone or iPad. With the Home app, you can easily and securely manage all HomeKit-enabled devices from Apple and other brands. You can also use Siri voice commands to free your hands. All these devices work together to make your home smarter and more connected.

The Home app brings convenience to every aspect of your daily, making your daily routines much easier and smarter. Then you can ask, what can you specifically do with the Home App?


  1. Add HomeKit-enabled accessories easily

Adding devices has been simplified to scanning the HomeKit QR code with the Home app. The HomeKit QR code is usually printed on the device or its package. Find the code, scan it, and then you are done! What can be more exciting to people who often find difficulty setting up devices or can only bear with as few steps as possible when adding a device?



  1. Group devices room by room to keep your house in order

If you have many devices, grouping them by room enables clean and easy management. Give orders by device or room. You make the choice. For example, with light switches, you can schedule the light to turn on/off at set times or dim the light to have the atmosphere you want. With smart bulbs, you can change light color or temperature or customize more light effects, meeting different needs on different occasions. With cameras, you can have live views and instant notifications when motion is detected. HomeKit Secure Video ensures security on your personal data. Home also allows you to use Siri for voice control. You can say, “Hey Siri, turn on living room lights”, and that’s it!


  1. Set scenes and automations

Scenes and automations enable multiple devices to work together so as to complete more complex tasks.

Scenes allow several devices to do different tasks at the same time. It’s a good helper in your daily life. You can set a “Leaving Home” scene to turn off the living room light and air conditioner and turn on the camera with a tap. Free yourself from the chores of daily living and no more worrying about whether you have left the lights on.

Automation enables devices to do things for you automatically when conditions are met, i.e., certain factors trigger preset actions. For example, when your camera detects motion, it triggers the light in the living room, and you will be instantly notified. You won’t miss a thing.



Tapo works with HomeKit

Many Tapo devices (including smart bulbs, light strips and power strips) support HomeKit so that you enjoy service from both Tapo and Home. More compatible devices are coming soon. You can add devices to Home from Tapo. And Tapo is considerate enough to make the coordination between the two super easy. Tapo will be a reliable choice for you, me, and smart home lovers worldwide.