What can I do if the Tapo app is not working properly (smart plug, smart camera, smart bulb)?

If there’s something wrong with the Tapo app, please try to do the below troubleshooting based on the problem you have.

Q1: Can’t install the Tapo app successfully

Tapo app requires Android 4.4 or higher/iOS 9.0 or higher OS version on your mobile device. If you encounter any installation problems, please kindly check and update the OS version on your mobile device.

Q2: Tapo app has a crash issue

1. Uninstall the Tapo app, then reinstall the latest app on your phone.

2. Install the Tapo app on another phone for a try.

Q3: Fail to login with TP-Link ID

1. Open a browser and search something on the mobile device, make sure it has internet access.

2. Connect the mobile device to another Wi-Fi network for a try.

3. Uninstall and reinstall the latest Tapo app, then open the app and log in.

4. Use a different mobile deivce to download and install the Tapo app, then try to log into the app again.