How to connect Tapo Solar Panel to compatible Tapo devices with proper Waterproof Gasket

The Tapo Solar Panel is designed for Tapo battery devices for non-stop power, year-round protection. Say goodbye to tricky wiring and dead batteries.

How to position the Solar Panel

The position and tilt angle of the solar panel greatly affects the solar efficiency.

1. Choose a location where the solar panel gets the most sunlight throughout the year.

2. Position the panel south-facing in the Northern Hemisphere or north-facing in the Southern Hemisphere. The recommended tilt angle between the panel and the horizontal ground is 35° ~ 45°.

3. Regularly wipe the panel to remove dust and debris.

How to connect the Solar Panel to your Tapo device

Before You Start: Choose Proper Waterproof Gasket

The gasket protects your camera from exposed moisture and dust that may damage the camera. Choose one based on your camera’s charging port.

Waterproof Gasket


Compatible Camera

Type C

Micro USB

Micro USB

1. Install Waterproof Gasket to Camera

Insert the waterproof gasket into the camera’s charging port. Ensure that the gasket is tightly sealed.

2. Connect Solar Panel to Camera

Connect the solar panel by inserting the connector into the charging port until snug.

  • Tapo A201 + Camera with Type C Port + Type C Waterproof Gasket

  • Tapo A200 + Camera with Micro USB Port + Micro USB Waterproof Gasket

Situation 1:

Situation 2:

  • Tapo A201 + USB Adapter + Camera with Micro USB Port + Micro USB Waterproof Gasket

If you are using a solar panel with a Type C connector, a USB adapter is required. Connect the connector to the USB adapter, and then connect to the camera with the waterproof gasket.

Note: In really tough weather or environments, like intense sunlight or high salt-alkaline areas, make sure to wrap some extra tape around the connection points of the extension cord. This will help keep them better waterproof and protected.