How to Configure Tapo / Kasa Devices to Work with Samsung SmartThings

This article will introduce how to connect Tapo/Kasa devices to your Samsung SmartThings app. After setting up the connection successfully, you will be able to control Tapo/Kasa devices through your SmartThings app.

Link Tapo / Kasa service with SmartThings

Before Getting Started:

  1. Set up your Tapo/Kasa devices via the Tapo/Kasa app first and make sure they can be controlled by the Tapo/Kasa app. Take Note of the TP-Link Login Used for Later.
  2. Check for any Available Firmware Updates and Update Your Device If Needed
  3. Download and install the SmartThings app, a Samsung or SmartThings Account is Needed, Please Create One if You Do Not Already Have One.

How to Link Your Tapo/Kasa Account with SmartThings:

Step 1: Open the SmartThings app, tap the “+” icon on the top right, and choose “Add Device”, then tap “Partner devices”.


Step 2. Find “Tapo/Kasa” by brand. Or tap the search icon, enter “Tapo/Kasa”, and then find “Tapo/Kasa” under the list of brands available.

https://static.tp-link.com/upload/faq/image-20230721135846-3_20230721205846s.jpeg https://static.tp-link.com/upload/faq/image-20230721135846-4_20230721205846t.png https://static.tp-link.com/upload/faq/image-20230721135846-5_20230721205846c.png

Step 3. Tap “Next” to start linking Tapo/Kasa with SmartThings.

Step 4. Enter your TP-Link ID and password, then tap on “Authorize”. Please Ensure that this is the same login used to login to your Tapo/Kasa App and control your devices.

https://static.tp-link.com/upload/faq/image-20230721135846-8_20230721205846d.png https://static.tp-link.com/upload/faq/image-20230721135846-9_20230721205846i.png

Step 5. The connection is successful when the following page comes up. Tap “Done” to complete the connection setup.



You can now control the Tapo/Kasa devices with the SmartThings app. Go to the “Devices” page to find all your Tapo/Kasa devices.

Note: If you want to unlink Tapo/Kasa with SmartThings, you can go to Menu > Settings > Linked services.

Please Be Aware that Not All Features and Functions Available in the Tapo/Kasa App Are Available to the Samsung SmartThings Platform.

Matter devices connect to SmartThings directly

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