Make “dumb” appliances smart

“Ring, ring, ring...” The alarm clock blares, a typical morning. You reach out, turning off the clock and roll back over, hoping to get back to your sweet dreams. But immediately, you start thinking of all the things you need to do so you can get to work on time without suffering throughout the day (more than usual, anyway). “Well, fine,” you murmur to yourself and get up to start the morning routine: washing up, making coffee and toast, having breakfast, and going to work.


Have you ever thought about cutting down any of these activities to save some time? I bet you have. But how can you do so? A smart plug might just be the answer you’re looking for.


Why not try turning your “dumb” kitchen appliances into smarter ones? Smart plugs make it simple, and it could be very helpful. Just get the ground coffee and bread ready before going to bed and plug the coffee maker and the toaster into smart plugs.


A new day begins, the alarm clock rings. You shut off the clock and open the controlling app to manage your appliances. You tap on the buttons for the coffee maker and toaster, and they turn on through the remote control. A few taps earn you a few more minutes in bed, you roll over, and the pleasant smell of breakfast starts to fill in the house. A good beginning to the day.


Hmm, but you want to skip the part of opening eyes and using the app as well. Don’t worry, it is also possible to free up your hands with voice control.


It is best to have a smart plug that easily interacts with the mainstream voice assistants in the market. “Turn on the coffee maker and the toaster.” With a simple sentence, you’ll be enjoying your breakfast right after you get up—and you don’t even need to open your eyes.


However, if you’re still not satisfied, because you’d want to sleep for a few more minutes without being disturbed by your alarm clock, you might consider a smart plug with a schedule function.


Schedule and timer features allow you to create schedules and countdown plans. You can preset a weekday breakfast schedule via a dedicated app. With a few taps to preset a breakfast schedule, it is possible to get the breakfast ready at the same time every morning, and change the time whenever you want. After that, the morning alarm is replaced by the aroma of ready-to-enjoy coffee and toast.


Does all of that sound pretty great?


If you want a plug that can do all the things previously mentioned, the mini Smart Plug Tapo P100 from is an excellent option. It's a newly designed smart plug with reliable performance in multiple functions. With remote control and full compatibility with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, Smart Plug P100 allows users to easily manage it, both inside and away from the house. Users can also preset customized plans with the schedule and timer features for even more convenience. As for the setup, it takes even less time than brewing a pot of coffee: just download the free app Tapo for control, plug P100 into a socket, follow the step-by-step instructions, and bingo!


Instead of waking up to the annoying ring of your alarm clock, you could start a new morning routine: waking up with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and crispy toast. A great way to begin a workday, all thanks to the smart Wi-Fi Plug P100 from Tapo.