What Should I do if My Tapo Camera’s Image is Discolored?

If your Tapo Camera shows any abnormal coloration in its image, such as purple, green, or pink hues, please follow the steps below to troubleshoot and address the discoloration.

1. For Android devices, launch the Tapo App, and turn on the Compatible Mode under Device Settings → Advanced Settings → Display Settings → Compatible Mode.

2. Switch the Day/Night mode manually while watching the Live View, or while physically near the camera, and listen to hear whether there is a click sound. This helps to check if the IR-Cut is working properly.

3. Try to adjust the camera angle or position to avoid direct sunlight or other direct light sources. This can help determine whether the color abnormalities are specific to certain lighting conditions or environments.

4. If the image appears too bright or white at night, it may be caused by overexposure. For example, if there are large reflective objects such as tiles and glass in the scene, they will reflect the camera's IR light, causing overexposure. You can try adjusting the camera angle or position to avoid these reflective objects or surfaces.

5. Try to reboot and reset the camera.

If the issue is still the same, please contact TP-Link technical support for further assistance.