What is the Advanced Cleaning Feature for Robot Vacuums?

With Whole House Advanced Cleaning, you can customize the vacuum power, cleaning times, and water level for each room and set the cleaning order for your home.

1. From the home page of your robot vacuum and pull up to reveal the settings panel.

2. Tap the ‘Switch’ icon to switch to “Advanced Cleaning” Mode

3. You may now customize the cleaning order for your home by dragging and changing the order of the rooms. We recommend cleaning heavily oiled areas, such as kitchens, last.

4. To change the cleaning preferences of a room, tap on the room to show the settings to cusotmize cleaning times and vacuum power.

5. Tap “Done” on the top right corner to save settings for the Advanced Cleaning Mode. Your robot vacuum will then clean rooms based on the order and preferences of each room.


6. If you don't need custom cleaning preferences, you can tap the Switch icon to return to “Standard Cleaning”.


In Standard Cleaning Mode, the optimal cleaning path is followed, and all rooms are cleaned according to the same cleaning preferences.