What to do if the LiDAR of my Tapo Robot Vacuum Reports an Error

LiDAR is a feature that helps with the mapping of the area of operation for your Tapo robot vacuum.  This feature can sometimes detect an error that requires your attention.  This FAQ will explain some of the common causes of an error


The Tapo robot vacuum prompts Error 7 LiDAR Error


  1. Please turn on the robot vacuum and check whether the radar sensor rotates properly.
  2. If it does not rotate properly, check whether there is the foreign matter like hair or dust in the sensor.
  3. Clean up the foreign matter and wipe the sensor with a dry microfiber cloth.
  4. Restart the robot vacuum and check again.


The Tapo robot vacuum prompts LiDAR gets obstructed


The laser emission and reception of the LiDAR sensor require an exposed optical window. If the optical window is obstructed, the sensor will not work properly.

  1. Check if there is any foreign matter blocking the window
  2. Using a dry microfiber cloth remove the foreign matter.
  3. Restart the robot vacuum.

The Tapo robot vacuum prompts LiDAR to get stuck or entangled


The LiDAR sensor may get into dust, hair, or other foreign matters causing the radar module to get stuck or entangled and unable to rotate normally.

  1. Gently rotate the LiDAR sensor manually to check if there is a large resistance.
  2. Check whether there is foreign matter in the module
  3. Gently remove the debris.
  4. Restart the robot vacuum.


If the problem still persists, please Contact Support.