Smart Light Bulb | Tapo


  • Turn on/off your light with Remote Control in Tapo app to have a more convenient and enjoyable life.
  • Manage the lighting at your fingertips to create the perfect atmosphere with Dimmable and Multicolor in your home at any time.
  • Automatically turns your light on/off at random intervals to simulate someone being at home—deterring anyone with ill intent.


    Remote Control
    Schedule & Timer
    Easy Setup
    Voice Control
    Away Mode
    Energy Monitoring
    No Hub Required
*Features supported vary based on different models.


  • Tapo L900-5

    Akıllı Wi-Fi Işık Şeridi

    Tapo L900-5
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  • Tapo L610

    Akıllı Wi-Fi Spot Lamba, Ayarlanabilir Işık Şiddeti

    Tapo L610
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  • Tapo L630

    Akıllı Wi-Fi Spot Lamba, Çok Renkli

    Tapo L630
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  • Tapo L920-5

    Smart Wi-Fi Light Strip, Multicolor

    Tapo L920-5
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  • Tapo L530E

    Çok Renkli Akıllı Wi-Fi Ampulü

    Tapo L530E
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  • Tapo L510E

    Akıllı Wi-Fi Ampulü, Ayarlanabilir Aydınlatma

    Tapo L510E
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  • Tapo L930-5

    Akıllı Wi-Fi Işık Şeridi, Çok Renkli

    Tapo L930-5
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  • Tapo L530E(2-pack)

    Akıllı Wi-Fi Ampul , Çok Renkli

    Tapo L530E(2-pack)
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  • Tapo L510E(2-pack)

    Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb, Dimmable

    Tapo L510E(2-pack)
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  • Tapo L520E

    Tapo Akıllı Wi-Fi Ampul, Gün Işığı ve Işık Şiddeti Ayarlanabilir

    Tapo L520E
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