What should I do if I experience issues when watching playback videos from an SD card?

TP-Link camera supports two recording storage methods, local storage and cloud storage. Local storage refers to video stored in a microSD card. This article specifically introduces the potential issues that may arise when watching playback videos stored in the microSD card and how to troubleshoot them accordingly.

Here we take Tapo C200 as an example.

Situation 1: No recording

1. Please format the mircoSD card before starting using it. Ensure the SD card status is good.

2. Ensure the microSD Card Recording function is enabled.

Tapo APP->tap in the left top> Camera Settings-> Storage & Recording ->microSD Card Recording

3. Check if you have set the right Recording Schedule. If you choose Detection Recording, ensure the Detection settings are correct.

Reference: How to use the Detection function of the Tapo&Kasa cameras

Situation 2: Unable to watch playback video/Show network is unstable when viewing

1. Ensure APP is up-to-date in the APP store or Google Play.

2. Update the firmware of the camera.

3. Check if you can watch live stream normally. If no, please check network connection on this camera.

Reference: How to check and improve the network connection stability of Tapo&Kasa smart devices

4. Check if there are any other users/clients watching the playback simultaneously, as the playback can only be viewed on one client at the same time.

5. If no other users/clients are simultaneously viewing the playback, it is recommended to save the required video on your computer first and reformat the SD card to see if the issue still exists.

Situation 3: Playback video is not continuous and has some missing parts

1. Check if the Recording Schedule is continuous.

Tapo APP->tap in the left top> Camera Settings-> Storage&Recording ->Record Schedule

2. Check if there is any reboot schedule enabled.

Tapo APP->tap in the left top> Camera Settings-> reboot Camera

3. Check if the camera is associated with any smart action or Away Mode settings.

Reference: How to edit Home and Away Mode for Tapo&Kasa Cameras on the Tapo app

4. Check if there is a power outage occur when the issue occurred.

5. If the read/write speed of the SD card is not up to standard, it may result in missing recordings.

SD card recommendation: What Type of MicroSD Card does Tapo/Kasa Camera Support?

Situation 4: Unable to download playback videos

1. Make sure your phone and camera are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

2. Ensure VPN is disabled on the phone and router.

3. Turn off Advanced settings on the router like Access Control, AP Isolation etc.

4. Testing with a different phone.

5. Try separating 2.4G and 5G WiFi on the router, then connect both mobile phone and camera to same 2.4G WiFi and check again.

Situation 5: Incorrect timestamp on playback video

1. Make sure the camera is connected to the Internet and can be controlled using cellular or other Wi-Fi networks.

2. Set camera on correct time zone.

Tapo app ->tap on live view page-> Device Info-> Time zone

3. Turn off NVR or third-party software and reboot the camera. (Some onvif software may affect the time of camera)

4. Reboot camera or reinstall APP.

If the issue is still the same, contact TP-Link technical support and provide the information below for our support to look into further:

1. MAC address of the Camera;

2. Screenshot about the error message;

3. Whether you have tried all suggestions listed as above or not. If yes, what are they?

4. Enable Diagnose mode, get the log of the camera, and share the log file.

How to Get the Log of Tapo Camera?