Introducing Tapo Plug New Energy Monitoring Feature

Hey Tapo Users! We have all-round upgraded the energy monitoring function feature in the Tapo app for you. As energy prices soar these days, we are all seeking ways to save on our electric bills. The new energy monitoring offers an opportunity to better understand and optimize your energy consumption.

To use the new Energy Monitoring, the following conditions should be met

  1. Tapo P110 or Tapo 115 should be upgraded to 1.1.2 or newer firmware.
  2. Tapo App should be upgraded to the latest version 2.10.X or newer App.

Energy Monitoring Dashboard

The new energy monitoring dashboard contains three core data:

Power consumption of Today: Display the energy consumption of “today” between 0:00 and the current time.

Power consumption of Past 30 Days: Display energy consumption in the past 30 days.

Current power: Refresh real-time power value every 5 seconds.

Energy Measurement to 0.001 kWh: More decimal places in the energy consumption metric to 0.001Kwh (1W) help you to view more accurate energy data.

Energy Usage & Power Graphs

With straightforward graphs, you can easily know when your appliances are consuming the most power, and how much power they consume at different times. It can also display your power consumption in the calendar view.

Energy Usage Graph: You can now check your total power consumption by day, month, or year.

Day: Display the power consumption in the past 24 hours, the minimum time interval is an hour.

Month: Display the power consumption in the past 30 days., the minimum time interval is a day.

Year: Display the power consumption of the past 12 months, the minimum time interval is a month.

Power Graph: You can review the power data at a different time during the past day or week.

Day: Display the power value in the past 24 hours, the minimum time interval is 5 minutes.

Week: Display the power value of the past 7 days, the minimum time interval is 1 hour.

Energy Calendar

Daily Energy usage in a Calendar: Display daily power consumption in the past 3 months and the Monthly electric bill.

Visualizing electric consumption with colors: Use colors blue, orange, and red to represent lower, average, and higher scales of electric consumption values.

Electric Bill Calculator

Bill of past 30 days: Display the accumulated electric bill for the past 30 days.

Input your electricity rate to get an estimated cost of the power consumed by each connected device.

Tapo app has Singular Billing and Periodic Billing types.


1) the price unit by default is consistent with the unit of the Tapo Care subscription.

2) Electric Bill in the app provides an estimated cost for reference only, the real electricity costs will depend on the electric company.

When to Use Singular billing

Select Singular billing if you have a fixed-rate energy plan. Fixed-rate means that the price you pay per kilowatt-hour (kWh) stays the same throughout your usage.

Calculation formula: bill of this month= (electricity rate per kWh) x (total energy consumption of this month).

When To Use Periodic billing

Select Periodic billing if you have a variable-rate energy plan. Variable-rate means that the price you pay per kilowatt-hour (kWh) could go up or down in a day or different seasons of a year.

You can set variable electricity rates by Winter and Summer, Workday and weekends, or Peak/Mid Pick/Off-peak hours.

Winter and summer

  1. Summer (customizable): May 1st – Oct. 31th
  2. Winter (customizable): Nov. 1st – April 30th

② Workdays and weekends

③ A day is divided into 3 periods: off-peak, mid-peak, and peak.

Calculation formula: bill of this month = (peak hours x peak hour price) + (mid-peak hour x mid-peak hour price) + (off-peak hours x off-peak price)

Tapo Power Protection

Power Sensing as Trigger: you can set Auto Power Off for the connected device when its power exceeds your customized threshold. This feature can help to protect your electronics and prevent fire accidents caused by electrical overload.

Customized threshold: You can manually set the threshold by dragging the scroll bar left and right.

Adjustable range:1W-3670W

Minimum adjustment unit:10W

Notification reminder: When the Tapo plug detects overload, it will turn off automatically and send a push notification to your mobile device.

Reset Energy Usage Data

Delete Energy Usage Data: Now you can reset the energy data to zero easily, with no need to factory reset a device.

Export All Energy Usage Data: Export and save your power data locally, or use it for advanced data calculation and processing!

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