TP Link Tapo Unveils Powerful and Compact Indoor/Outdoor Home Security Camera

Irvine, Calif. – November 13, 2023 – Tapo, a TP-Link brand and global provider of smart home products, today launched a new Indoor/Outdoor Home Security Camera (Tapo C120). With premium features including high definition 2K QHD video clarity, robust IP66 weatherproofing, 24/7 monitoring capabilities and unparalleled full color night vision, the Tapo C120 is the ultimate pick for users who want to effectively protect their home at a fraction of the price.  


Equipped with 2K QHD clarity, surpassing conventional FullHD 1080p resolution, users can view images and video in crisp detail. For unrivaled nighttime monitoring, the camera utilizes a starlight sensor and dual spotlights to pierce through darkness in vivid color and high-definition resolution.  


With the ability to withstand outdoor weather, confidently install the Tapo C120 in the backyard or at the front door for 24/7 monitoring and two-way audio that enables communication with delivery drivers and guests. For added flexibility, the invisible IR night vision mode further allows families to monitor a baby’s room without disturbing precious sleep. 


This budget-friendly model provides convenience in more ways than one—its magnetic base design, a generous 9.8 ft. power cord, a flexible bracket and the free Tapo app allow for easy indoor and outdoor installation with complete control and customization of viewing angles. 


For further customization, the camera’s alarm system allows users to record their own audio and adjust the brightness of the spotlights to deter and warn off intruders. Offered for free in the Tapo app, Smart AI detection will accurately detect and identify people, pets and vehicles to ensure only relevant alerts are sent and alarms will not sound unless necessary.  


To round out the Tapo C120’s impressive collection of features, users have the option of storing images and videos locally on a microSD card of up to 512 GB (sold separately) or by using Tapo’s Cloud subscription service, which not only saves a 30-day video history but also provides additional benefits such as activity notifications with snapshots.  


Pricing & Availability   

  • Tapo C120 has a MSRP of $39.99 and is exclusively available on Amazon


About Tapo     

Tapo, a TP-Link Smart Home brand with over 12 million users globally, provides reliable smart home devices and accessories to customers worldwide. The company was founded to help people adopt a new smart home lifestyle at an affordable cost, utilizing its industry expertise and dependable production processes to offer products with outstanding functionality and performance.