How to Troubleshoot Your Tapo Robot Vacuum When It Can't Pick Up All Debris

If your robot vacuum does not pick up hairs, dirt, and debris as expected, here is the article that provides some useful tips for you to keep the robot vacuum doing its best at cleaning.

Before you start cleaning

To ensure your robot vacuum operates efficiently, be sure that you do the following checks before cleaning.

  • Open doors so your Robot Vacuum can explore.
  • Pick up obstacles like wires, clothing, and plastic bags.
  • Do not pick up the Robot Vacuum during cleaning.
  • Put away high-pile carpeting before cleaning.
  • Charge your robot vacuum until the battery level is over 20% (the Dock LED will pulse orange).

1. Clean the Brushes, Filter, and Dustbin of your Robot Vacuum

It's important to regularly clean robot's brushes, filter, and dustbin for better performance at cleaning. Follow some tips to keep your cleaning parts in good condition:

  • Remove debris or hairs from the main brush to prevent possible blocking.
  • Remove hair that is tangled on the Side Brush.
  • Clean the dust and debris off the Filter.
  • Empty the Dustbin and change Dust Bag.

Ensure the dustbin entrance is not clogged. If your robot vacuum has an Empty Dock, examine if the Dust Bag is overfilled and replace the bag.

Relevant FAQs to clean parts of the Robot:

2. Put away the objects that are not suitable for the Robot

Robot Vacuum is ideal for picking up most hairs, dust, and small debris, there are some items that are not suitable for the robot such as:

Bottle caps, pet droppings, large pieces of tissue paper, plastic bags, or other things that cannot pass through the brush or suction mouth of a vacuum due to their size or shape.

3. Choose higher suction power

There are four suction power supported in the app, if the robot is having difficulty picking up some debris, try to increase the suction power from the app:

Open your Tapo APP –>navigate to Robot-> slide up device page to unfold–> Vacumm Power > Quite, Standard, Turbo, Max

4. Use ‘Spot Cleaning ‘for particular dirty or sticky places

Spot Cleaning is a feature to clean an area that is pretty dirty or sticky like the kitchen or dining room, you can locate the robot in that area and enable Spot Cleaning, and the robot will start to clear the specific area around the robot.
Here is how to set up Spot Cleaning.
Open the Tapo app->tap the Tapo robot-> tap at the right top-> Settings> Spot Cleaning

5. Block off the areas that you do not want it to go

There are some areas you probably prefer to keep the vacuum away like places that can easily cause the robot to get jammed or stuck, it is wise to set barriers and isolate that area depending on the model you have.

For RV10 Series: use the magnetic strip to outline the specific area where you want to prevent the robot to go
For RV30 Series: with ladder navigation, you can set No-Go Zones with the Maps feature.

FAQ: How to set blocked areas using No-Go Zones and Virtual Wall for robot vacuum

6. Replace the Worn-Out Part

For optimal cleaning performance, make sure to maintain the brushes and parts of the robot or replace the parts as recommended in the usage time in the manual.

*Replacement frequency may vary depending on the actual situation. Parts should be replaced if visible wear appears.

# If the Robot vacuum is not picking up all the hairs

The most common reason is an overfilled dustbin or brushes getting tangled by the hair, try to clean the parts of the robot and try the above suggestions in the article first.
The hair deep in the carpet can be challengeable for a robot, you can manually shake the carpet before vacuuming it.

# If the Robot Vacuum is not suctioning at all

If the cleaning robot stops suctioning anything from the floor surface, check if its entrance to Dustin is blocked. Then reach support and provide a video of robot behavior.

For more help, please contact support and try to provide a video clip demonstrating the issue for us to understand the issue and assist better.