What is a WiFi smart plug? | Tapo


  • “Hi, Alexa, turn on the lamp.”
  • “It’s kinda chilly. Let me turn off the fan with my Tapo smart plug.”
  • “Let me turn on the air purifier before going back home.”


    Remote Control
    Schedule & Timer
    Device Sharing
    Easy Setup
    Voice Control
    Away Mode
    Boosted WiFi
*Features supported vary based on different models.


  • Tapo P110M

    Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug, Energy Monitoring

    Tapo P110M
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  • Tapo P300

    Okos Wi-Fi Elosztó

    Tapo P300
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  • Tapo P115

    Mini Okos Wi-Fi Konnektor, Energia figyeléssel

    Tapo P115
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  • Tapo P110

    Okos Wi-Fi-s Dugalj, energia megfigyeléssel

    Tapo P110
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  • Tapo P100

    Okos Wi-Fi-s Dugalj

    Tapo P100
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