What're the automation and shortcut of my Tapo device (smart bulb, smart plug, smart camera)?


Shortcut lets you achieve an action with a simple tap. For example, when you are ready for bed, you can turn off your smart devices for safety and dim your lights for better sleep with one simple tap.

There are 3 featured shortcuts in the Tapo app, including Leave Home, Arrive Home and Go to Bed. You can edit based on the featured shortcut or create your own shortcut.


Automation allows you to set interactions between your smart devices by adding triggers and actions. For example, if the smart camera detects a motion (which is a trigger), then the living room light will come on (which is an action).

There is a featured automation in the Tapo app, which helps automatically turn on the lights in your home at sunset. You can edit based on the featured automation or create your own automation.

Note: Only Tapo smart bulbs support this feature currently. For Tapo smart plugs and smart cameras, the support will be added soon. Please stay tuned for the software updates.

If you still have any problems, please contact support