How to unbind the account (TP-Link ID) with Tapo&Kasa smart devices in the Tapo app

You can unbind the TP-Link account with smart devices by removing them via the Tapo app. After unbinding, you can re-register the smart devices to another account (TP-Link ID).

Method 1: Remove the smart devices on the Home page

On the Home page, long tap the device’s model card you want to delete, tap the icon on the model card to remove it, and it will unbind to your TP-Link ID.

Method 2: Remove the smart devices on the Device Settings page

1. On the Home page, tap on your model card.

Here we take the Tapo P105 as an example.

2. Tap the icon at the top right corner to enter the Device Settings page.

3. Tap Remove at the bottom and the device will be removed from your TP-Link ID.

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