General questions about linking Kasa devices to Tapo App

Q1. What is the benefit of adding my Kasa Devices to Tapo App?

Unified simplicity. When integrated you will be able to control both Kasa and Tapo devices from one location. No need to switch between two separate apps.

If you don’t own any Tapo device yet, please rest assured that TP-Link continues to build on our Kasa ecosystem striving to provide the widest breadth of smart home devices in the industry.

Q2: What Kasa Devices are supported in the Tapo App?

A: The majority of Kasa devices support being managing in Tapo App. However, please note that while most models are compatible, there are a few exceptions. Kasa KE100, unfortunately, does not support Tapo App.

Q3. Do I need to reconfigure my existing Kasa devices in the Tapo App?

No, there's no need for reconfiguration. You can seamlessly synchronize your existing Kasa devices and settings with the Tapo App through a straightforward authorization process.

To quickly authorize your Kasa account with Tapo, follow these steps: Open the Tapo App > Navigate to "Me" > Select "Link Kasa with Tapo".

Please note that you can only proceed with the authorization if you are using the same TP-Link ID on both the Kasa and Tapo Apps. Authorization won't be possible if you're logged in with different accounts.

Q4. What services and features of Kasa devices are supported in the Tapo app?

  • Supported Kasa services and features in the Tapo App
    • Kasa Devices
    • Kasa Groups
    • Kasa Smart Actions
    • Scenes
    • Features such as timers, away mode, and schedules
  • Services and features that will NOT be synced to Tapo App
    • Subscription. Kasa Care and Tapo Care subscriptions are independent services, the remaining Kasa Care subscription and Kasa history cloud videos cannot be transferred to Tapo. Kasa history cloud videos cannot be viewed in the Tapo App. However, you are able to add your Kasa camera to the Tapo Care plan to continue enjoying the advanced services in the new Tapo 3.0 or high-version App!
    • Room settings. Kasa devices migrated to the Tapo app are listed in the All Devices tab. You need to relocate devices to rooms.

Q5. What should I do to ensure my Kasa devices function properly with the Tapo App?

  1. Check whether your Kasa device is supported by the Tapo APP. Refer to Q2.
  2. If you own a Kasa camera with a Kasa Care subscription:
  • Kindly note that the Kasa cloud videos cannot be viewed in the Tapo APP. Keep your Kasa App in order to watch the historical cloud videos, or download and export the cloud videos locally.
  • If you're interested in continuing the cloud service subscription, please ensure that the auto-renewal of the existing Kasa Care service has been canceled. You can choose to subscribe to Tapo Care after your current Kasa Care plan expires.

Q6. What’s the difference between Kasa Care cloud service and Kasa camera with Tapo Care service?

Kasa Cam


Kasa Care

Kasa Cam


Kasa Care

Kasa Cam


Tapo Care

Live view

Instant notifications

Two-Way audio

Activity zones

Local storage

Motion detection

Person detection

Motion tracking*

Cloud video clip history

Manual Record Video

(Stored on the Cloud)

(Stored in the App)

Rich notifications with snapshots

Smart Sort*

Weekly Report*

Coming Soon

Video Summary*

Coming Soon

*These functions may vary by product models and firmware. More devices will be supported soon. Refer to the software release note of your specific model or the settings on your Tapo App for accurate information.

Q7. What services can Kasa Camera enjoy by subscribing to Tapo Care service?

  • 7/30-Day Clip Video History*
  • Rich Notification (Push notification with a snapshot)
  • <New> Smart Sort: Classify your recorded videos with different tags. Always enjoy the most attractive and important videos with classification when needed.
  • <New> Weekly Report**: Summarize camera events and activities, and get a report on what happened last week!
  • <New> Video Summary**: Compile your video clips into a short video that summarizes what happened throughout the day.

*Tapo care plans can be different based on regions and areas, learn more about Tapo care plan in your area from Tapo Care website.

** Weekly Report and Video Summary feature will be supported soon on Kasa Camera. Stay tuned for updates!

Q8. How to link Kasa devices to the Third-Party services in the Tapo app.

Launch your Tapo APP, and go to Me > Third-Party Services > Select a third-party service you want to connect to and follow the in-app instructions.