​​​​​​​How to create a complete map of my home

1. Quick Mapping

- Before Mapping

  • Open doors so your robot vacuum can explore.
  • Pick up obstacles like wires, clothing, and plastic bags.
  • If you have carpets, remove the mop cloth mount from your robot vacuum. Additionally, put away high pile carpeting.

- Mapping

Follow app instructions to create a map. After the mapping is complete, you will see an initial map.

2. Optimize and Edit Map

Quick mapping will only get the basic outline of your whole house. After the quick mapping is complete:

3. Lock and Update Map

When you finish a complete cleaning and the map details has been added, we will automatically lock the map for you and save the map permanently to avoid map errors or losses.

If you want to update the map, you can unlock the map from the map list and start cleaning. If there is any update during the cleaning process, we will pop up a window to prompt you whether to update the map.

4. Back Up Map

After the map is edited and locked, it is recommended that you manually back up the map so that it can be restored from the cloud if a problem occurs.