How to troubleshoot a connected Matter device failing setup in another smart home platform

The Matter protocol’s multi-admin support allows your Matter-enabled smart home device to be controlled using multiple smart home systems or voice assistants.

If you fail to set up my connected Matter device with another smart home system, please refer to the following troubleshooting steps:

(1) If your Matter-enabled device does not show up or the pairing code cannot be created on the app where pairing has been completed. Please reboot your Matter-certified device.

(2) Don't create pairing codes in apps of multiple smart home systems in a row. If the first created pairing code is not used or has not expired, the subsequently created codes are invalid.

(3) Make Sure to complete the setup process before the matter code expires:


In Google Home, the code will expire 3 minutes after it is generated.

In Apple Home, the code will expire 5 minutes after it is generated.

In Alexa, the code will expire 15 minutes after it is generated.

In Samsung SmartThings, the code will expire 15 minutes after it is generated.

(4) Please ensure that the pairing code page of the app remains open when you enter the numeric code (or scan the QR code) for your Matter device to pair with another app.

(5) If you still cannot connect your device, reboot your Matter Hub and Smart Device, clear the cache of the apps, and restart your phone. Then try to set up the device normally.


Before you set up your connected Matter device with Alexa, please upgrade the software version of your Alexa Echo to 8624646532 or later.