My Tapo Smart Plug Makes My Life Smart

My Tapo Smart Plug Makes My Life Smart


A lot of people say we should learn to be independent, perhaps by living alone in a new city far away from home. It’s not an uncommon situation for many, but it’s easy to feel lonely. But independence means more than just living alone. It requires you to completely manage your own life with no one to fall back on when you mess up. The following situations might sound familiar to you;

  • You forgot to set the alarm, again, on a weekday morning so you had to skip breakfast. Starting to miss mom’s homemade breakfast and those mornings when you woke up to the fragrant aroma of toast...  
  • You suddenly realize that you forgot to turn off your desk lamp and fan this morning. You hate wasting power, and high electricity bills...
  • Getting home in the evening, you open the door, but the dark and stuffy room stifles your good mood…

There’s no doubt that these are what I experienced until I got a Tapo smart plug, which completely changed my life. Tapo is a small smart plug, part of the smart home products from TP-Link—the company famous for its routers and switches. So just like what their advertising slogans deliver, it is the superior smart partner for small appliances, which creates a refreshing smart home environment for me.

Why I Chose Tapo

1. A smart helper

       The scheduling function makes things really convenient. After I preset the times, every morning my alarm goes off at 6:30 and the toaster is set to start working 5 minutes later. I can enjoy the last five minutes of sleep and wake to the smell of toast and my favorite music.

After a long day of mentally exhausting work, I arrive home and open the door to find the light and fan already on. Everything at home seems to say: Welcome home, my dear friend. Yes, that’s right: Tapo remembers all of the settings from the day before. Tapo makes me feel less alone and overwhelmed. Sometimes life is tough, but these little details can make me feel like I have a home, even though I’m far from the place and community where I grew up.

2. Easy to set-up and manage

Frankly speaking, I’m definitely not techie, so I don’t like complex procedures. Luckily Tapo has just needs me to take three simple steps to manage my smart home. (1) Download the free app, (2) plug it into an outlet, and (3) follow the easy and instructions. Besides, Tapo is also an excellent team player. It coordinates flawlessly with Alexa, letting me use voice control to manage my home appliances.

3. Cost-effective for white-collar workers like me

Compared with other products of the same type, there’s no doubt that Tapo has the best cost-performance ratio. It connects all the small appliances in my home. That’s what I want, a small but warm space full of vitality with a helper that accompanies and understands me. Now I don’t feel so lonely anymore. What’s more, I’ve found the pace for my day-to-day life and I’m enjoying it. In a way, Tapo has helped me to be more independent by taking care of the little details. It is far more than just a simple plug.

 If you feel confused, lonely, or overwhelmed like me, try Tapo. I’m sure it’ll bring you a pleasant surprise.