Frequently Asked Questions about Tapo D230S1

Part 1. Basic Information

Q1What’s in the box of the Tapo D230S1?


Tapo D230S1

Package Contents

• Tapo Video Doorbell × 1

• Tapo H200 Hub × 1

• Tapo A100 Battery × 1

• DC Power Adapter × 1

• USB Adapter × 1

• USB Adapter Cable × 1

• RJ45 Ethernet Cable × 1

• Inclined Mounting Templates × 1

• Mounting Templates × 2

• Mounting Brackets × 1

• 15°Mounting Wedge × 1

• Doorbell Detaching Pin × 1

• Screws and Anchors × 2

( ST3*30|Cross slot|Sinker)

• Quick Start Guide × 1

Q2: What are the specifications of the D230’s wall screws?

ST3*30|Cross slot|Sinker:


Q3. How to Install Your Tapo Video Doorbell Camera Kit

Please refer to the configuration video: https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/nd-2g1njZHk

Q4: Can I see the full-color view in the dark?

Yes. With the embedded spotlight and starlight sensor, Tapo D230S1 reveals high-fidelity details and color at night.

Q5: What Internet speed is required for using the doorbell?

Recommended internet speed for doorbell is 2 Mbps or greater.

Q6. Can I mount the doorbell horizontally instead of vertically?

It is not recommended to place the doorbell horizontally as this may affect the performance of the doorbell. The doorbell camera was designed to be installed vertically, not horizontally. With the camera’s ultra-wide FOV(160° Diagonal), Tapo 4:3 live view ensures users can check visitors as close as 1m.

Q7. What is the viewing field of D230?

The doorbell offers a 160° Diagonal field of view.

Part 2. Battery Related

Q1: Is the doorbell powered by a battery?

The Tapo D230 is battery-operated. The rechargeable and removable battery with a low-power protocol extends your usage.

Q2: How often do I need to recharge the doorbell?

Based on the usage scenarios. Generally, if the doorbell is triggered 10 times a day with the 30s/per clip, you can use it for 180 days. The chart can be referred to as the usage time.

Trigger Times

Battery Life*

10 times

30s/per clips

6 months

House with Private Courtyard

20 times

30s/per clips

3 months

Apartment or Flat

60 times

30s/per clips

1 month

House Facing the Street

Q3: Can I buy the battery separately?

Not at the moment. The rechargeable battery will be launched soon.

Q4: Could I use the hard wire to charge the battery?

Yes. The attached battery supports a constant power supply and can be charged with a hard wire. It takes about 5-6 hours to fully charge the battery.

Q5: Can the battery be charged with solar panels such as Tapo A200?

Yes, the battery of D230 is the A100 (18650 lithium battery). You could charge the battery A100 with our solar panels such as A200.

Q6: How do I extend the battery life of D230?

You could refer to the below link for more information:


Part 3. Hub Related

Q1: Can a Doorbell be paired with multiple Hubs (H200 or H100)?

1 D230 could only be paired with 1 H200. But with the D230 and Hub staying online, you can set up Automation to allow the doorbell to trigger multiple Hubs. Please refer to this FAQ to set up Automation.

Q2: Can multiple D230 connect to the same H200?

Yes, one H200 can be paired with up to 4 D230S1 at the same time.

Maximum number of sub-devices that can be bound to the same H200

Cameras: Up to 4

Sensors/Buttons: Up to 64

Switches: Up to 32

Radiator Valves: Up to 32

Q3: Does the video doorbell require existing doorbell wiring?

The video doorbell is not compatible with the existing doorbell chime, it is a wireless unit that works with the hub H200 without wirings.

Note:The camera D230 Cannot be used alone, so it needs to be used together with Hub H200.

Part 4. Features

Q1. How can I receive notifications only when someone presses the doorbell?

This feature is currently not supported, please wait for subsequent firmware updates.

But you can realize this feature by turning on notifications and unchecking all events. Please refer to the configuration page below.

Default state

Receive notifications doorbell is pressed

Q2. If the doorbell shows offline in Tapo App, will Tapo H200 still ring when the doorbell is pressed?

Yes. The hub will still ring even the doorbell is offline, please refer to the FAQ to troubleshoot offline problems.

Q3: Does the Tapo D230 doorbell support 24 hours recording feature?

No. Due to its battery-powered feature, it doesn’t support 24-hour recording.

Q4: How many types of ringtones does the D230 support?

The doorbell only supports 1 ringtone.

Q5. How to change the ringtones or volume of H200 when pressing the doorbell button?

You can change the ringtones or volume of H200 in the Hub Sound Settings interface. Please go to Tapo App -> D230 -> Settings -> Doorbell -> Ring Connected Hub -> Hub Sound Settings, then pick your favorite ringtone.

Below is the configuration screen for your reference:

Part 5. Third-Party

Q1: Is it possible to use the Alexa Echo as an additional ringer player?

Yes. Please enable Doorbell Notification on the Alexa App.

Q2: Is it possible to play the Doorbell’s Live View on the Alexa App or Alexa Echo?

Yes. Please refer to the FAQ to add the doorbell to Amazon Alexa, once added, you can use voice commands and access Live View on the Alexa App or Alexa Echo.

Q3: Is it possible to implement two-way audio feature in the Alexa App or Alexa Echo?

Yes. With the two-way audio feature, you can talk to the person at the door through the Alexa App or Alexa Echo.

Q4: Does the doorbell work with third-party NVR or NAS devices?

No, D230 needs to be used together with Hub H200, and H200 temporarily does not support RTSP/Onvif protocol, so D230 could not work with third-party NVR or NAS devices.

Q5: Does the doorbell work with 3rd-party smart platforms?

The doorbell can work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant.

Part 6. Others

Q1: How do you prevent someone from stealing the doorbell?

1. Once a thief enters the field of the doorbell camera, you will receive a notification on your device with proper Detection settings. You can view the event and take the necessary actions.

2. The video is encrypted with the user's account and then stored on the doorbell. Others cannot access the video without correct account info.

3. Anti-theft Alarm will take effect when someone tries to take the doorbell off with the anti-theft alarm function.