How to set up your Tapo D230S1

Tapo D230S1 is a suit product that includes the H200 and D230. You need to configure the H200 first before configuring the D230. Please refer to this article to set up Tapo D230.

Before we begin:

1. Make sure your phone is connected to internet.

2. Make sure your router enable 2.4GHz network.

3. Enable "Local Network" if your phone is iPhone with iOS 14 or above.


Follow the FAQ3821 to set up Tapo H200.

Note: Make sure your H200 and phone connect to the same router network, like the screenshot below. The LED of H200 should be green after configuration.


Open H200 in Tapo App and click “Connected Devices”. Then select “Tapo D230”.


Insert the battery to power up your D230. And place it next to the H200. Then wait for a while until the status LED blinks red and green. Then go to next step.

Note: Do NOT use other third-party battery.

If the LED is on but not blinking red and green. Please try to press and hold one the SYNC/RESET button to reset your D230.


Select your D230 and connect it to the H200.

Note: The LED of both D230 and H200 should blink green when pairing. If not, please press the SYNC button of both D230 and H200 once simultaneously.


When the pairing is complete, give your camera a unique name and set an icon for easy identification. Click Next to complete the setup.


The “Complete” page means the camera is successfully added and you can enjoy it now.