A small appliance to start your smart life

Raise your hand if your breakfast means having a bowl of milk and cereal before rushing out of the door, or a donut that you have on the small tray in your office’s public area, or much simpler, just a cup of coffee at the desk before your computer.



You have to choose between sleep and preparing your breakfast, and finally and reasonably, you choose the former one as more sleep is everything in a weekday morning.


Now, let’s think about what you usually do in the morning in the period between getting up and going out to come up with a solution.

First, wake up and wait for the consciousness to come back, then have a glass of water and get out of the bed. This step will take about 5 minutes.

Second, go to the bathroom to brush your teeth and take a shower, and more important, poo, which always means good health and a happy day. This step takes at least 15 minutes even you move as fast as you can.

Third, prepare your breakfast, you can’t wait even one more second because of stomach growling. However, there is usually not enough time left before you have to go out, so, you just grab several pieces of toast or drink a glass of cold milk.


A day with a quite terrible breakfast

When you finally arrive at office and begin to work, after a while, your stomach starts to distract you again, the stomach growling, sometimes it is loud enough for the whole office to hear. Your stomach continuously asks you, “when is the lunch”, after you check the time, you desperately find that there is still a long way for the lunch.

Ironically, the breakfast once known as the “most important” of a day is also the one that most of us have little time for. That’s where the meal-preparation comes in-to make sure you can have healthy food on hand every morning to start your energetic and happy day.



A small appliance which can help you save time and cook breakfast, the smart plug.

In the morning, there are at least three scenarios you can take advantage of it.

First, connect your bedroom lamps to the smart plug, open the software which is designated for the plug, set the time at the moment your alarm clock rings every morning, then the lamp will automatically light up for you in the morning.

Second, connect the water heater to the smart plug and set the time in advance, then everything is ready when you walk into the bathroom and take a shower.

Third, the most important, help to cook your breakfast. Connect the smart plug to the bread machine, manage the time in the app before you go to sleep, then the maker will automatically turn your raw ingredients to baked bread in the morning, besides, you can also connect the microwave oven to the smart plug, a light tap can make you have a cup of hot milk.

With a fried egg, baked bread and hot milk will make you have a good start in the morning.

If you want me to recommend a smart plug for you, I would say proudly and modestly,


Tapo smart plug, make your life smarter.


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