Tapo Wins the Most Innovative Smart Home Application at Network X Awards 2023

Oct 26th - Tapo is pleased to announce its designation as the Most Innovative Smart Home Application at the Network X Awards 2023, a premier event celebrating telco industry excellence. Held from 24-26 October at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, it showcases global experts and exhibitors.

With 13 million global users, Tapo offers trustworthy smart home devices, emphasizing its motto of Smart, Secure, and Easy. In the intelligent appliances market, Tapo boasts a diverse product line: smart plugs, cameras, bulbs, strips, hubs, sensors, switches, and robot vacuums. We continually innovate for enhanced quality and broader product offerings.

As a winner of the Most Innovative Smart Home Application, Tapo is devoted to innovating and creating more value for customers and partners. By developing Matter-certified products, the Tapo for Pad app, and Tapo Open API, it optimizes user experience and enables more collaborations.

Dedicated to industry advancement, Tapo is an early adopter of the Matter protocol. 25 Tapo products, certified by CSA, support Matter and are compatible with major CSA members like Apple, Google, Samsung, and Amazon. Matter ensures smart devices are versatile, controllable across platforms, respond faster, and stay operational offline, enhancing home security and reliability.

Embracing the future of smart home innovation, Tapo rolls out the Tapo for Pad app to bring users a better experience. With Smart Home Manager, it’s convenient to visualize, view, and control smart home devices all in one app on a larger screen. Viewing multiple live cameras for all-around home security is now feasible. With the Innovative 3D Dashboard, users can build a 3D smart home map that simulates the layout of their real home and visualizes their smart home devices for more intuitive smart home management. 

To better satisfy the needs of partners, Tapo Open API enables access to manage and control an account’s devices remotely over the cloud or with the provided SDK. This means end users can directly control their Tapo devices on partners’ apps and platforms, which provides maximum flexibility to integrate Tapo products with partners’ offerings. With a cloud-to-cloud solution, after linking a partner’s cloud to the TP-Link Cloud, users can access and control Tapo devices registered to the TP-Link Cloud by calling the provided APIs. With a cloud & application integration solution, partners can integrate Tapo’s API SDK into their apps. Users can also directly set up, manage, and control Tapo devices on the app.

For more information, please visit Tapo’s official website